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General SCCSA Information


Reference – Queensland Health website link

Queensland Government Laws specify that from 1 September 2016, smoking is banned within 10 metres of viewing and playing areas at organised under-18 sporting events. The ban also applies during training and at any intervals or breaks in play.

The coverage of the ban includes the sporting ground or playing area, the viewing area for a water sport, public seating at the grounds and any other area reserved for use by the competitors and the officials.  This also includes a 10-metre non-smoking buffer zone from all of these locations.

An organised under-18 sporting event is one that is arranged in advance and is conducted by a professional or amateur sporting body or education institution according to established rules.

The smoking ban includes the use of all smoking products, including electronic cigarettes.

Click here for SCCSA smoking policy.


Under the SCCSA By-Laws, no alcohol is to be consumed at Association sanctioned games or training.


Under SCCSA by-laws, NO DOGS are permitted on SCCSA controlled grounds for fixtures, finals, training, representative games or carnivals.

Home Grounds / Teams

A clearly identified Home Ground Official must be in attendance whilst games are in progress. Seating for coaches, managers and reserves must be provided at least 1 metre from one touchline, either side of the centre line or flag (Under 11s up).  A barrier, 2 metres from the touchlines, and parallel to them must be in place.

No one is allowed behind the goal lines. Games must start and finish on time – no period of grace is permitted. Five minutes before the scheduled kick-off time, each team shall give the referee one match ball. 

The Home Team is the team that is listed first in the fixtures. When two teams from the same soccer club are playing each other, or where there is a clash of playing strip colours, the ‘away’ team must change strip or wear bibs for the game.

Team Sheets

Must be completed online five minutes before the scheduled kick-off time. In the event of internet failure, complete a 'paper' sheet.  Blank Team Sheet here

If a player is late, they may be entered onto the online team sheet if they arrive at the game before half-time.

After the game, the team managers shall check with the Referee to confirm the results. For competitive age groups, the coach/ manager will inform the referee of their choice for the best and fairest player from the opposing team.


If the player/coach etc. sustains an injury during the game or at training, an incident report must be completed.  This is important in case an insurance claim results from the injury.  An Incident Claim Form needs to be completed by your club secretary and sent into the SCCSA within ONE (1) WEEK of sustaining injury.

Playing Up

A player cannot play up more than two age divisions without prior, written permission from the Association. Coaches & managers should be aware of young players' physical limitations playing in a higher age division.

No player may play down a division without prior, written permission from the Association.  Age Dispensation approvals (or copies) must be available for scrutiny, if requested, by the Referee on game day.  A player must be turning 10 (ten) or older in the current year to play in fixtures competitions.

“A” division players may not play down in a “B” division game in the same age group, or cross-play. All players (including those playing up) must play 4 (four) fixtures in the same team to be eligible to play in the finals series for that team.  Players that play up in a higher division 6 (six) times must remain in a higher age division team for the remainder of the season. A player may only play in the finals series in one team and one age group.

Refund Policy

The Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association is a not-for-profit organisation, which facilitates sporting fixtures which have a focus on Fun, Friends and Fitness.  A small portion of the fees paid to your club come through to the Association to cover insurance, venue hire, administration and Referee fees.  In the event of interruption to the season due to weather or COVID-19, the Association will endeavour to provide make-up games, but no refunds will be issued by SCCSA - either in full, or a portion of the fees paid.

However, your club may have a refund policy - please check with them about this.

Representative Players

Representative player trials are held at the end of the season to select squads/teams for State Titles the following year. Usual teams are:-U10 North, U10 South, U11 North, U11 South, U12 North, U12 South, U13 Girls, U13 North, U13 South, U14 North, U14 South, U16 Girls, U16 North, U16 South, U18, Senior Men, Ladies. Contact your club Secretary for further details.

Only 5 representative players are allowed in one club team unless all the Representative players are ‘homegrown’.


Coaches and Managers must wear distinguishing badges or shirts and behave appropriately while in the technical (interchange) area.

Coaches and managers are responsible for their players' well-being and for them being correctly attired throughout the game;  i.e. shirts tucked in, socks pulled up, shin guards in place, no sharp studs.  No jewellery is to be worn.


The forfeiting team must notify both the SCCSA Match Controller by 5 pm on the day preceding the fixture. The Match Controller will notify the Referee. The forfeiting team will be responsible for the Referee’s fee if insufficient notice is given. The opposing team will receive 3 goals and 3 points for a forfeit.

Wet Weather

(a) If only one (1) ground-hosting club advise that their grounds can be played on, then there will be cancellation across the board of all matches.

(b) If two (2) or more ground hosting clubs advise that their grounds can be played on, then the competition will continue with the competitive age groups that are not able to play, having their games rescheduled to a time and venue to be advised by the SCCSA Match Controller.

(c) When ground hosting clubs advise that their grounds are unable to be played on, those games scheduled to be played at these grounds can be rescheduled by the SCCSA Match Controller to an alternative venue that is still playable on that same day. The decision to reschedule games to an alternative field must be made no later than 6.30 pm on Thursday before play (earlier if possible).

Only the club official is to contact the Match Controller in this regard.

Under no circumstances are club coaches, managers or parents to contact the Match Controller on Saturday mornings.

Players & parents visit our Facebook page or telephone the coach/ manager of your team for information on game cancellations. Games are not cancelled simply because it is raining.

Soccer Rules

Each club should have a current edition of the Laws of Soccer for coaches, managers and players to refer to.  Familiarisation of these laws is recommended to ensure that the game is played fairly.

Match Details

Period of Play (mins)
Each Half (mins)
Ball Size
6, 7 & 8
9 & 10
Women 85 40 5 5


Tournaments, Competitions & Awards


Referees are responsible for uploading game results to the online database - the deadline for this is Sunday, before 7.00pm.


No points are recorded for U6 to U10 games, because they play non-competitive Roo Ball.

Under 11s and above, points are allocated: Win – 3 points, Draw – 1 point, Loss – 0 points. No points are awarded for a bye.

Forfeits are 3 points and 3 goals for the team that does not forfeit.

The team that finishes on top of the fixtures ladder at the end of the season is declared Premiers. In the case of a tie, the team with the best goal difference will be declared Premiers.


At the end of fixtures, the top 4 teams in each age group/division will play the final series.

SEMI FINALS: (A) 1 v 2 - winner to finals. (B) 3 v 4

PRELIMINARY FINALS: Loser (A) v Winner (B)

GRAND FINAL: Winner (A) v Preliminary Winner

Should there only be 8 or more teams in a competitive age group and there is no “A” and “B’ divisions, then there will be a “Plate Competition” - conducted between teams 5 to 8 in each competitive division at the end of the Premiership competition. The minor Semi Final shall be between the 7th and 8th teams on the ladder. The loser is to vacate the competition. The major Semi Final shall be between the 5th and 6th teams on the ladder.

The winner to go into the Plate Grand Final, and the loser to play against the winner of the minor Semi Final, called the Preliminary Final. The winner of the Preliminary Final to enter the Plate Grand Final, the loser to vacate the competition.

The winner of the Plate Grand Final will be called the “The (Age Division) Plate Champions”. 

The winners of the Grand Finals will be declared Grand Champions.

For the Finals, series penalty shoot-out rules will apply.

A boot inspection for players will be done 30 minutes before kick-off.

Award Presentation Night

Presentation of trophies and awards will be made at the end of season Gala Presentation Night


    This award commemorates the Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association patron, and is presented to the player that accumulates the most votes for being the best and fairest player during the fixtures part of the season.  Best and fairest medals are also awarded in each competitive age group.  Points are awarded during each game; the final tally is announced at the SCCSA Presentation Evening.


    Awarded to the representative player who consistently demonstrates the skills, attitude and behaviour befitting an ambassador to Churches Soccer.


    Clubs require a minimum of 3 teams in the competitive fixtures competition. Their total games won for the Season averaged over the number of teams fielded in all competitive divisions determines the winner.


    Presented to members who have been registered with SCCSA for 10 yrs or more.


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