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Remember you must be registered before your name will appear in the online platform.  You must be registered before you take the field. Click on the link to register- 2024 Player Registrations Portal

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These are the common questions and issues that typically arise throughout the year, summarised in dot point. For the full rulings please refer to the SCCF By-Laws

- Players must be registered before they take the field
- Register online, you will get a confirmation email when successful
- Playing unregistered will incur a 3-0 forfeit and monetary fine.

By-laws 1.A. (page 5) & 8.B (page 11)

Player Age Eligibility

- Minimum age: As of the 31st of December, the preceding year, men must be at least 15yo and women 13yo to play in the senior competitions and 35yo to play in Over 35s.
- Players may play in a higher division for the same club. Players may not play in another team in their own division. The Senior competition is considered higher than Over 35s, so a player registered in Over 35s may play in Seniors however a player registered in Seniors may not play in Over 35s even if they meet age eligibility.
By-law 1.B. (page 5)

Arriving Late

- Players must sign on the team sheet before entering the field of play. Failure to do so may result in a 3-0 forfeit and monetary fine. You may arrive at any time during the game.
By-laws 2.C. (page 7) & 8.B (page 11)

Catch Up Games & Washouts

- Any games that are washed out or cancelled will be replayed wherever possible however this will be dependent on a range of factors such as field/referee availability, number of weeks left in the season and structure of the competition. We plan for wet weather weeks and typically replay them all. 
By-law 7.A. (page 10)

Fixture Alteration Requests

- A proposal to change times, dates or venues of any game must be received in writing by SCCSA administration at least 14 days prior to the original advertised time.
By-law 7.B. (page 10)


- If a team decides to forfeit but play a friendly they will be recorded as losing 3-0 and share the
match fees with the other team as normal.
- If a team forfeits but does not play they will be recorded as losing 10-0
- If a team notifies the office of a forfeit by 12 noon on match day no match fees will be charged, if
after 12noon they will be responsible for the match fees of both teams.
By-law 7.C. (page 10)

Sanction Appeals & Red Cards

- You cannot appeal a one game ban however not every red card attracts a suspension period.
- To appeal you must write to within 48 hours (2 days) and pay appeal bond of $150. 
- The committee will then arrange an appeals tribunal. If the appeal is successful, the $150 will be
- A scheduled bye, washout or rescheduled match does not count as suspension served. A forfeit (either team) does count as suspension served.
By-Laws 10.B (page 13) & 9.B (page 12) 


- Minor grievances should be directed first to the club concerned.  Refer the matter to the SCCF Committee if not satisfied with the club's response - contact details are on the webpage.
- Serious or formal complaints should follow the SCCSA complaints procedure outline on the webpage.
By-law 13.B. (page 15)



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