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Summer Six a side 2018

Team Registration:      Team registrations have closed and all age groups are full

Player Registration:    Is now  available online. You will need to know your team name as part of                                                        registration process. Must be completed, before playing.

                                      Click here to register

Cost:                               Junior Six a Side   $70 Current SCCSA Players    $120 Non SCCSA Players
                                         Senior Six a Side   $90 Current SCCSA Players    $130 Non SCCSA Players

Payment:                       Made online when completing player registration
                                         If wanting to pay cash / get started voucher, choose this option when completing                                          player registration. Full payment must be made before playing.

Age Groups:                 U9/U10, U11/12, U13/14, U15/16, Men’s A, Men’s B, Mixed, Ladies

Game Times:                Tuesday Night Draw updated (U9/10 & U11/12)
                                       Thursday Night Draw updated (U13/14 & U15/16)
                                       Friday night Draw (Mens, Ladies & Mixed)
                                       Catch Up Games Draw

Venue:                            Northshore Multisports Complex, Mudjimba Beach Road, Mudjimba
Season:                          Tuesdays – 9th October to 11th Dec (U9/U10 and U11/U12) 
                                        Thursdays– 11th October to 13th Dec (U13/14 and U15/16) 
                                        Fridays- 12th October to 14th Dec (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) 

Rules:                             Junior Six a Side Rules
                                         Senior Six a Side Rules
                                         SCCSA Codes of Behaviours
                                         Blank Team Sheet

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