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Summer Six a side 2018

Team Registration:     A team registration form must be fully filled out (team information, contact details,                                           players names) before it will be accepted. Team nominations close on the 1st                                                   September 3pm. However there are limited spots for teams, please get                                                           nomination form in early to secure a spot.

                                         Team Nomination Form

Player Registration:    Will be available online from the 14th September. You will need to know your team                                           name as part of registration process. Must be completed, before playing.

Cost:                               Junior Six a Side   $70 Current SCCSA Players    $120 Non SCCSA Players
                                         Senior Six a Side   $90 Current SCCSA Players    $130 Non SCCSA Players

Payment:                       Made online when completing player registration
                                         If wanting to pay cash / get started voucher, choose this option when completing                                          player registration and then attend 18th September 6:30pm to 7:30pm at                                          Northshore Multisports Complex to finalise payment (only cash and get started                                          voucher will be accepted on the night. Full payment must be made before playing.

Age Groups:                 U9/U10, U11/12, U13/14, U15/16, Men’s A, Men’s B, Mixed, Ladies

Game Times:                Junior Six a Side- 6:00pm, 6:50pm, 7:40pm
                                      Senior Six a Side- 6:30pm, 7:20pm, 8:10pm, 9pm

Venue:                            Northshore Multisports Complex, Mudjimba Beach Road, Mudjimba
Season:                          Tuesdays – 9th October to 11th Dec (U9/U10 and U11/U12) 
                                        Thursdays– 11th October to 13th Dec (U13/14 and U15/16) 
                                        Fridays- 12th October to 14th Dec (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) 

Rules:                             Junior Six a Side Rules
                                         Senior Six a Side Rules
                                         SCCSA Codes of Behaviours
                                         Blank Team Sheet

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